Pinnacle, aka Dave has been DJ’ing on the Hardcore circuit since 2006. His unique, diverse, and forward thinking production style has lead to support from DJ’s all over, and international bookings in countries such as Canada, USA, Spain, and Germany.

Pinnacle was inspired whilst still at school in the mid 90′s by a tape from a Dream FM rave. Drawn to the music instantly for its sheer energy and originality, a life long passion was born.

By the turn of the millennium, he got his hands on his first set of decks. Many years were spent practicing the art of mixing, and collecting records. Blown away by then what was the ‘new’ sound of UK Hardcore in the early 2000′s, it wasn’t until 2006 that Pinnacle stepped out the bedroom for his debut gig at a night in Leicester. Many gigs then followed and in early 2007, he tried his hand at production. Initially, he began producing tracks with Owen Hattrixx, picking up production skills along the way.

The following years consisted of many hours and long nights learning the production craft. By 2009, Pinnacle gained BBC Radio 1 airplay. It was also that year he took a keen interest in ‘Fidget’ House and Dubstep. He decided to incorporate these styles in his productions which resulted in tracks like ‘Zombie Nightclub’, ‘Dynamo Cookie’, and ‘Techno Club’. ‘Zombie Nightclub’, co-produced with Alex Prospect, continues to be a very popular track. It was featured on the Hardcore Heaven Summer Sessions album, and later released on Lethal Theory in 2012.

Pinnacle has had many tracks feature on the massively popular Rebuild Music CD albums, and is a regular producer/engineer for Raw Elements. Being an avid fan of the old Happy Hardcore sound, he was also excited to be involved with the Kniteforce 20th Anniversary Album with his remix of the classic ‘High on Life’ by DJ Force and the Evolution (along with DJ Uplift). Pinnacle has played at events all over the UK, and now the world, including HTID, Raindance, I Love Hard Beats, and Candyball USA. His passion to be involved with, and push the boundaries of modern dance music continue in 2013 and beyond.