“I have been a big fan of hardcore and all sorts of styles of music for a lot of years, and decided to start making music Myself a while back now. And I like to send demo’s to different producers and labels.So I am glad to be here on Endor. I started listening to electronic dance music many years ago. My older brother taped over Thunder Cats with M|A|R|R|S-Pump Up The Volume.
I watched 30 secs intro of My program and it came on. I was upset about it at first.

After a quick rewind and listen, I was watching it back again and enjoyed it. I soon decided that this very excellent music and video was something new. And that I should listen out for this music and find out more about the lifestyle and culture.

Tunes like Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam and S’Express – Theme from S’Express came out and some hip hop stuff, and then a bit later on tunes from SL2 and The Prodigy got me more interested. Then I was more into the early rave stuff… DJ Red alert and Mike slammer… DJ Vibes and Wishdokta… TO MANY TO MENTION! DJ Sy and Unknown, Brisk and Ham, Dougal and Gammer, Luna-C, Scott Brown and then the freeform stuff also Nu-energy and stomping choons… and I still listen to the back catalog of tunes out today.

I am really happy that people have keep this kind of music going strong – big ups all involved over the years and people in different styles, from producers overseas to local DJ’s and MC’s, local event promoters. There are some great and interesting people and fun times over the years. Enjoy listening to Endor Recordings – Thank You!