Coriolis, also known as the man with the best ‘real’ name in rave music – Eamonn Meadows (think about it) – joins Endor with a bit of jungle techno ruffness in the form of ‘Gateways’. We decided to interview him as if he was applying for a job with Endor, so here’s what we asked him:

When did you start making music?
“I started getting into music production back in 2000, getting a copy of cubase and recycle a couple of years later! Got a bit more serious with the oldskool revival around 2002, particularly the rebirth of Kniteforce records. By 2004 I was regularly getting production tuition from Hattrixx and decided that I should probably start a record label whilst vinyl sales were dropping off a cliff. Coriolis Effect records only ran for a couple of releases but I have continued to make music.”

Why have you applied to us?
“I have applied to Endor records because of your track record in releasing high quality rave music. My productions have been heavily influenced by jungle tekno, particularly early Basement Records, as well as techno (of the non-minimal variety) and I believe that they represent significant added-value to you.”

How do you cope under pressure?
“With a ready supply of prescription painkillers.”

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
“I see myself in an office, at a computer. In five years and four hours time I see myself eating dinner. In five years and 12 hours time I see myself wrapped up in bed asleep. I also predict that I will have to devote more of my spare time to trimming nasal hair and I will be wearing different clothes.”

What characteristics will you bring to the role?
“I will bring an intense passion for breakbeats, heavy kickdrums, an enthusiastic use of sampling and a ready supply of poor haircuts and inappropriate doodling.”

Thank you for your time, we will be in touch.