Sending Us Demos

The best way to send us demos is to use SoundCloud (see the button below), or upload your tune and email us a link to it. Use a website like yousendit or dropbox to upload your tune and then email us the link. As a last resort, get in touch to find out how to send your tune via the post. Please do not send tracks via email, they will clog up our inbox!
Send us your demos


Please contact us if you are interested in distributing releases from Endor Reordings. Music on Endor is relevant to people into hardcore, old skool, breaks, breakcore, and any other styles that come under the “rave” banner. Get in touch by email or telephone (see below).

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You can sign up to our mailing list and you’ll receive one email every 3 months or so with the latest goings on and information about new releases, mixes, and links to freebie goodness.

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Anything else?

Here’s how you can contact us:

EMAIL: contact [at]
PHONE: +44 (0)797 707 6455