Sparky‘s “Love Like This” was released on RFU recordings, one of the foremost hardcore record labels at the time. The original had been released, and Hattrixx and The Ad-vanc3d (aka Breakage) subsequently created a hyperactive remix that tore up dance floors wherever it was heard. The only problem was, it wasn’t widely distributed and never got a release. Finally, Endor are proud to release the remix re-mastered in 2012.

The Ad-vanced, formerly known as Breakij/Breakage has been writing and producing his own tracks for over a decade. As well as DJing on and off for over 13 years , he doesn’t have a specific genre; his intrests are breakbeat music, loving anything from minimal to full on. He mainly writes electronic dance music stuff from past and present – hardcore, techno, acid, hardcore, jungle, 94-95 happy hardcore, dubstep and Drum n Bass.

He describes himself as a “free movin’ maniac, feeling many genres of so called (rave music) and the, err, normal stuff – acid house, bleep techno, R’n'B, hardcore rap, hip hop, oldskool house and garage, oldskool hardcore, drum n bass (the full spectrum) – no commercial crap mind – jungle, mid 90s happy hardcore, reggae, ragga / dancehall, loads of the 80′s stuff (even Madonna would you beleive it!), any music that skillfully manipulates any sounds.”
One of the founding members of the Maximum Impact rave parties, he doesn’t class himself under the bracket of a DJ, although he spins records. As he says, who doesn’t?!