DJ Skampy

After years of listening to old rave tape packs & Kiss Fm’s Hardcore shows, it was a go on Mayhems decks from which Skampy caught the bug and began to learn the ways of the turntable in early 2002. After playing a few house parties including the legendary Astradance, Skampy & Mayhem decided to try their hand at production. After hooking up with Stargazer, their first productions Beyond Control & Exterminize were signed to Relentless Vinyl. More tracks followed with Whats this%3F! Released on Bedlam Records, Perverted Science with K.Complex, (Relentless Vinyl) and Check da Sound flow remix with Eryk Orpheus for Bedlam Records.

On the back of these recent production bombs, Skampy & Mayhem found themselves on the decks up & down the country at various different events with their most notable bookings at HTID playing an 88-94 set and Engima Vs Drop the Bomb @ Egg, Kings Cross, accompanied by Storm & Whizzkid. Other raves they have played include Fruit Club, Hardcore Xpression, Total Bedlam & Freeformation.

Next came Internet Radio, playing regular shows for, Hardcore Regime and hosting their own Week night show ‘WestSide Wednesday’ on Hardcore Revolution.

For the last couple of years or so, Skampy has gone underground, playing on London’s Biggest Baddest & Longest running Hardcore Pirate Station, Eruption 101.3FM. Each & every Sunday afternoon.

After a lengthy break, an upstart in production has seen collaborations with Eruption FMs DJ TC and DJ Bustin..this has seen raved up dancefloor tracks combined with soaring trance leads put together on tracks ‘Finally Made it’ ‘Invade’ and ‘Chemical Suggestion’ with Rave playouts from Luna C, Marc Smith & DJ Vibes, with ‘Finally made it’ finding its way onto ‘Platinum Rave Weekender’ compilation, currently on sale in shops now.

There are many more tracks in the pipeline and also collaborations lined up with TC & MC Junior, Firefly, as well as recently getting back in the studio with Mayhem to bang out some nu style gabba, 2009 and 2010 have proven to be busy years and the only way is up!