Breakforce One

Starting to learn to play drums from age 6, this was always the instrument that fascinated Breakforce One the most.

Getting into the extreme side of music through the Obituary Albums in his dad’s CD collection, he was sold on the idea of music outside of mainstream boundaries. From the big dubstep wave in Germany he was exposed to electronic music for the first time in 2008 and got into Gabber and sorts from there, before finally discovering Breakcore in 2011.

Inspired by the Drum driven music genre, he quickly got inspired to produce his own. After some truly awful self released stuff in 2012 and early 2013, he joined the German speedcore label Speedcore Worldwide, where he released his first handful of EP’s, before releasing his first international EP “I’ve Visited Breakcore Last Week, Its Alive And Well” on UK lLabel Core Collective Records. Refusing to keep a consistent style, he experiments with all sorts of influences, from Metal to Ragga to Rave. But no matter of how extreme a tune goes into a direction, Breakforce One maintains a certain level of Irony in the presentation of himself and his music, going so far to call his second 2014 EP “Virgin By Choice” to take shots at a social stigma he has to carry around.

Nowadays he is affiliated with the UK Label Long Live The Animals, and his first crew from Germany, Speedcore Worldwide. He played his first gig in January 2015 and has since then played in Bristols infamous Black Swan, Lithuania, Slovakia and Switzerland, with more yet to come.