Killerwhale X


  1. Original Re-Engineered
  2. Unreleased Mix Re-Engineered
  3. Electric Tribe Remix Remastered
  4. Luna-C Remix Remastered
  5. DJ Lien Remix Remastered
  6. Jows Error Code Remix
  7. Bustin and Skampy Remix
  8. Instigator Remix
  9. Amen-Tal Remix
  10. Ponder Remix
  11. Shachi: The End (Hidden Track)

Bonus Content (CD Only)

Bonus Content is available by visiting The Killerwhale X micro-site and entering the two codes provided within Killerwhale X. The visual code is printed within the sleeve of the album in Braille and the audio code is provided in Morse Code at the end of the CD after the secret bonus track.
Visual Bonus Content: Three free Killerwhale X Wallpapers, Killerwhale Origami, Chinese Orca story as printed but faded on the Killerwhale X sleeve
Audio Bonus Content: Bonus Remix from Carter, Killerwhale Sample Pack, Original Killerwhale MOD Tracker Poject Files, Killerwhale Remastered Sony Acid Project, Killerwhale Unreleased Remastered Sony Acid Project


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