“I’m TripleXL, a DJ from Barton upon Humber (North Lincolnshire) in the United Kingdom.

I got into Hardcore/Gabber back in ’95, when I was 11 years old. I’d heard nothing like Hardcore ever before. The speed of it, the sounds used, the MC’s and the whole DJ culture appealed to me. I wanted to be part of this ‘scene’. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to DJ. Musical instruments didn’t interest me, but DJ’s…Fuck yeah! As the years passed at school my hunger for the music became unbearable, I needed to do it. So, with my weekend and summer jobs, I saved up enough money to by myself some turntables. Granted, they were shit, hahaha. Eventually I got, my beloved, Technics 1200′s. From that day on I spent almost every spare minute I could getting to grips with them, as well as collecting vinyl. I started out playing Hardcore, Gabber and Speedcore which I still like very much.

Unfortunately the music started really ‘evolving’ into something I didn’t perceive as Hardcore therefore it didn’t appeal to me as much as it once did. I needed something new! After spending a night in York with the afore mention Verzatile, he’d introduced me to the sound of Makina… energetic, melodic and completely different to any music I had grown up with… I was hooked then and I still am now.

It’s March 2003 to be precise, at Barrow upon Humber Village Hall. Matty D, a friend of my sister, asked me to play for his new event ‘Renegade’. On the line up was Matty, Paul (Verzatile) and me. A small line up for something that was, originally, just something to do. It went great. The place was packed and everybody had a good time. From that event onwards I went into ‘partnership’ with Matty and helped to run Renegade, which became a huge success all over Lincolnshire and further afield. At the same time I was co-promoting Renegade, Martin (Psyrus) and I were running a pirate radio station, Area51Radio, which became outstandingly popular with a lot of the locals. Such amazing times were had doing both! Through running events, playing on Area51Radio, dishing out CD’s and attending other events in the area, the bookings for events were becoming very frequent. The rest, as they say, is history…oh actually, no, there’s more!

In late 2006 I started dabbling in the world of music production, it seemed like the natural progression to just mixing music. I wanted to re-create the old hardcore (Bouncy Techno) sound as that was my first love (well…after cherry bakewells anyway) and of course make Makina. It took me a good few attempts to get the hang of Cubase, and the monitor received all of my temper tantrums (RIP Chunky Monitor), but I eventually got to grips with it. I churned out a few tunes, my first full track being ‘Stab Ya Hoover’ the ‘My Arse is Hungry for Love’ which both received plays by Paul-O @ Uprising, get in! Then, as I got a little more into Cubase, I managed to whip up my first, proper, Makina production ‘Bad Boy Bass’ which got signed to the infamous Force 10 Records, Newcastle.

So, how did Dreamscape on Endor #5 come about? Spent some time listening to one of my very first tape packs, Dreamscape X. Each and every tape rammed with awesome music. Felt like giving an Old Skool Happy Hardcore track a go. Little bit of darkness amongst lashings of piano’s and rave stabs. Ooo!”