Candy Cutz

Candy Cutz, aka Julia Bilous made waves in 2011 in the hardcore breaks scene, coming runner-up in the 2011 Nu-Rave awards for best breakthrough producer, and was also nominated in the best track of 2011 category for her track Insanity on Hardcore Lives records.

Hailing from Zaandam in the Netherlands, Candy Cutz’ focus is on breakbeat, classic early hardcore, jungle and old skool – a perfect background for her uplifting hardcore breaks productions.

Here’s what she had to say recently when she hooked up with Dutch radio DOTF about how she compares breakbeat rave music in the UK and the Netherlands, traditionally known for it’s 4/4 kick-based music:

“I’ve always loved the oldskool UK breakbeat sound, so you can imagine my reaction when I found DOTF. I was especially surprised to find out who was behind it. Having spent a great deal of my life in Holland, I know how this music is hardly accepted there. In the UK it’s much better received as a lot of people are still into the breakbeat vibe – so much so that we even have the nu rave scene. Over at we have a community who are supporting new music that recaptures the intensity of oldskool. I just had to introduce it to the DOTF guys, because I know how much they enjoy rough breakbeats, rushy pianos, crazy stabs and so on. I’m glad I did and I’m very grateful that DOTF re-aired one of my live Nu-Rave shows. Supporting each other we can take the new music and also the oldskool to new audiences. So now it’s time for Dutch and UK crews to join forces.”