Electrux (aka Firefly)

“I have been releasing music since 2006, when CLSM pushed my tracks “Equinox” and “Solstice”. Soon after Nu Energy started releasing tracks, and up until 2008 they were all produced on really bad stereo + speakers I bought from a car boot sale for a fiver, ten years earlier! I managed to get tracks on Bonkers 17 and Freeformation albums, as well as the Australian Massif Hardcore. In 2009 I helped Rebuild Music launch his label by providing some of my best material at the time, and got a track on the highly sought-after Worldwide Freeform album. In the meantime, I had a large number of tracks released on Electronic Exclusive CD’s. I also have had a decent amount of airplay on BBC Radio 1 courtesy of Kutski.

In 2010 I decided to concentrate heavily on hardcore breaks, and had a release on Top Drawer Digital, as well as 2 releases on Sharkfin. I have forthcoming releases on Hardcore Energy 8, Held II Ransom, Drum & Bass / Breakbeat Hardcore released on Drum Style’e, the owner of which runs the nu-rave website¬†(www.nu-rave.com)where I have a weekly radio show 7-8pm UK time, every Tuesday. I use this to showcase my new material, and play a wide variety of styles from house, techno, dubstep, hardcore breaks/j-tek, uk hardcore, old skool hardcore, happy hardcore, freeform, dark/techy/liquid drum & bass, and anything else I like the sound of.

The styles of music I make is as versatile as the style of music I play on the radio. I have a completely free label on Harmonize Digital where you can grab 320kbps versions of my tracks.

In 2011 I am back on the faster styles of breakbeat hardcore. I also have a UKH/Freeform crossover EP forthcoming on Trackmaster Music!

Thanks to everyone who helped me, no matter how small that help was. There is a lot more music to come from me. I am sitting on a crap load of tracks that will get releases on various labels. Keep an eye on my Soundcloud sites firefly and electrux for new material, as well as the Harmonize Digital label page for new free releases.”