“Endor was a small forested moon orbiting the gas giant planet of Endor. An enchanted world.. Due to its proximity to the inhospitable Unknown Regions, Endor was a relatively quiet planetoid.. Endor was also known for the vast amount of sentient species it supported, from baseline to exotic..” – Star Wars Wiki

Welcome to Endor Recordings – a small label producing rave music from right across the spectrum since 2010 – dubstep to deathcore, but focusing on that “rave” feel, featuring some of the best rave music released from established and up and coming producers and DJs.

Endor’s focus is on breakbeat driven music (with kickdrums too!) above 145bpm or so. That isn’t to say there won’t be tracks from all styles on there. By checking the Contact page, you’ll read that Endor is looking for music from producers right across the spectrum (and this may not just be limited to dance music), wishing to remix a tune that’s been on an Endor release. The “main” release on Endor will always be a breakbeat driven kickdrum track above 145bpm, but there will be remixes from ANY style – whatever the producer wants to try his or her hand at. We’re hoping this will broaden the minds of the ravers, and bring in loads of different ideas and enthusiasm in different areas – when listening to tracks on this label,keep an open mind. Close-mindedness never does anyone any good.

If you’ve been to a Bang Face (a rave event in London), you’ll know what I mean when I say Endor is a Neo Rave Label. A melting pot of acid, breaks, hardcore, rave, breakcore, drum n bass, techno.. anything that makes you want to RAVE!

Until the last 2010′s each release was produced on an extended EP on CD format with extra features on the CDs additional content. In a world of digital downloads and piracy, it’s the extra content we hoped would keep you buying the CDs, and ultimately giving the artist a little payback for their efforts. Endor is a non-profit label, and is done strictly for the love of the music. Profits are split evenly between the artists, it’s an idea that provides unity and mutual respect in our opinion. Each CD had at least 2-3 original tracks and often remixes of these and also earlier releases.

Beginning early 2011, Endor’s catalogue went onto iTunesJuno, Beatport, Spotify and Bandcamp due to popular demand, and since NDR016 in 2019 we became a digital-led label, keeping in times with changes in the way we consume music. Our newer EP’s focus on an individual artist, giving more exposure to new blood and new ideas coming into the scene. If you’d like to submit a track, or a remix, or just get involved – then we’d love to hear from you – use the Contact Us page to read more.