Weyheyhey !!

Alan, AKA “Weheyhey !!” thought about making music since hearing hardcore rave tapes in the early 90s, but didn’t introduce himself to a sequencer until 2007.

By this time, the sound of dance music, on either side of the ground, had changed considerably. But with these new sounds, he didn’t get that tingle of excitement he once had listening to dodgy 3rd generation cassette copies of Ellis Dee dj sets.

So he set about recreating some of those special sounds with care and respect to the producers of yore, but inside the modern ‘breakcore’ framework contemporary producers had kindly established.

While choosing not to play or even release very often, he likes to pour everything he can into each track and something unmatched and unique into each rare live set.

To date, Alan has released tracks on well respected labels such as Bad Sekta, and early in 2012 released the much-loved and critically acclaimed “Helical Scan” EP. More information is available at www.weyheyhey.com.