Earth EP


  1. Jow, Shadowplay & Carter – The Shining (Parts 2 + 3)
  2. Locked – Tek Base
  3. James Vision & Mr SPARKLe – Suspicion of Murder
  4. AleX Tune – This Is The Beat
  5. Dave Skywalker – You Are The One (Breakforce One Remix)

The Elements of Nature series begins with the Earth EP (Cat No. #NDR012), featuring five new tracks from all aspects of fast rave music.

Not one, but FOUR new artists join Endor for this release, so say hello to Carter, Locked, James Vision and Breakforce One!

First up, the critically acclaimed “Shining” from Jow gets a follow-up. Jow teamed up with Shadowplay and new-face Carter to deliver a lengthy, epic sequel. In fact, it was so epic, that it was split into two parts, and then joined back together again. One for car journeys and winding down at home to.

Next up, we hit the gas with another new face all the way from Toronto! Locked is a great producer and we’re pleased to have him join the Endor stables. You will love “Tek Base”, one definately for a sweaty dark dancefloor, and check out his bonus track “Bampuntaa” exclusive to the bonus section of the CD.

Happy hardcore hasn’t been forgotten! Mr SPARKLe is back, teaming up with James Vision in “Suspicion of Murder”. Caned throughout the summer by Dave Skywalker, this amazing bit of classic happy action gets a release at last.

Taking things a little harder, AleX Tune steps up and does what he knows best – expect happy stabs, frenetic breakbeats and the kind of energy only his tracks can provide.

Finally, but certainly not least, Breakforce One takes Dave Skywalker’s “You Are The One”, chews it up, and spits out a firing assault of amen breakbeat choppage, off-beat donks, and the happy pianos meet the dark rumblings off bass! Better still, he shows you how you can do the same – check out his production tutorial in the bonus section!


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