Water EP


  1. Moz DJ – U Don’t Know
  2. Scotone – Gangsta
  3. Scotone – Don’t Stop Go
  4. Shadowplay – Plymouth to Padstow (DJ Advance Remix)
  5. Dave Skywalker – Dirty

WE’RE BACK with the final of the FOUR EP’s that make up The Elements of Nature series begins, featuring new tracks from all aspects of fast rave music.

Not one, but two new artists join Endor for this release, so say hello to Russia’s finest MOZ DJ and hi to SCOTONE!

“U DON’T KNOW” has been smashing dancefloors all summer and is a hell of an introduction to MOZ DJ, crazy amens drop into a slamming hardcore beat that will hype up any rave.

We have two spanking new tracks on the classic old skool rave sound from Scotone, new to Endor Recordings! Get ready to rave it up like it’s 1992 all over again :D

The classic “Plymouth to Padstow” from Shadowplay, a great track from a few releases back, gets a badass remix from DJ Advance – taken on with an amen assault, whack up the bass on this one.

And keep the bass up for the return of Dave Skywalker, rounding out the CD with a modern-hardcore / speedbass track in the form of “Dirty”. Ragga vocals meet crazy hyped-up basslines and with an uplifting midsection to raise your hands in the air!

There’s also the much-loved bonus content on the CD – just stick it into your computer and check out a range of Elements Of Nature wallpaper to brighten up your desktop and the extra bonus Elements of Nature mix, picking a range of tracks from the series for you to stick on and listen anywhere you wish.


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