A State of Mind


  1. Original Mix
  2. Moony Mix
  3. Fyre Productions Mix
  4. Sound Shifter Mix
  5. Dave Skywalker Mix
  6. Staccatissimo Mix

Endor Recordings are proud to team up with Kode5 Recordings to celebrate their 100th release, with “A State of Mind” from 2 Rotten Soundrels!

Featuring the vocal talents of Sophie Bond, this release brings together artists from both Kode 5 and Endor Recordings, with the original and mixes from Moony, Fyre Productions, Sound Shifter, Dave Skywalker, and Staccatissimo.

A State of Mind is available on CD immediately, which includes the music video! The tracks will also be available digitally from August 10th 2015 through Kode5 Recordings.


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