Sparky‘s “Love Like This” was released on RFU recordings, one of the foremost hardcore record labels at the time. The original had been released, and Hattrixx and The Ad-vanc3d (aka Breakage) subsequently created a hyperactive remix that tore up dance floors wherever it was heard. The only problem was, it wasn’t widely distributed and never got a release. Finally, Endor are proud to release the remix re-mastered in 2012.

Hattrixx, known to his pals as Owen Palmer, is behind many of the biggest hardcore releases of the last decade. His production skills are up there with the best of them, and in his own words “I run a music production studio in London, where I work with all manner of nutters on all manner of crazy dance records, from dirty vintage breaks to cutting-edge house and of course plenty of hardcore. It’s great fun and I learn a lot just from the sheer variety of the people I get to work with. One day I’ll be engineering for a total novice and the next I’ll be working with a household name.”

Many people testamount to his ear for detail, his understanding of music, and his skill – “…Owen is one of those guys that knows what you’re thinking and understands your ideas no matter how difficult you find it to explain, even
down to a sound effect you’re trying to mimic with your voice. Somehow he just knows…”

The CD release of Endor Recordings Volume 7 includes the amazing “Hatrixx’s Guide To Breakbeats” on the bonus content section of the disc. It’s a massive tutorial covering pretty much everything you wanted to know about breakbeat sampling, chopping, and manipulation.