Fire EP


  1. Schnez – State of Ecstasy
  2. Jow & Dave Skywalker – Got To Give It
  3. Dolphin – Underground
  4. Dave Skywalker – Everybody (Shadowplay Remix)
  5. Mr SPARKLe – Pon De Tek

Continuing our ELEMENTS OF NATURE series, the FIRE EP includes five spanking new tracks to warm you up for this time of year. Featuring tracks from Jow, Dave Skywalker, Shadowplay, Mr SPARKLe, and introducing new artists to the Endor stable – Schnez and Dolphin!

Endor Recordings Volume 14 started shipping on January 25th 2018 on a funky interactive CD (plays on both a regular CD player and on your PC with extra content).

The bonus content includes three “Transpotters” mixes from Shadowplay, focusing on all the original dance, hip hop and reggae tracks that made rave great in the ’90s, and a free DJ mix AND bonus track, “UFO”, from Mr SPARKLe.


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