Early Plates Box Set

The Early PlatesĀ is a special limited edition box set that includes the following releases from Endor Recordings:

  • Volume 1 – Wizbit “Capacitor”, Jow “One For Dave”, Jow “One For Dave (Shadowplay Remix)”, Dave Skywalker – “The Antiques Roadshow (Uplifting Mix)”, Dave Skywalker – “The Antiques Roadshow (Hard Mix)”, plus interactive content.
  • Volume 2 – Vibena “Wicked Atmospherics”, Vibena “Wicked Atmospherics (DnB Mix)”, Dave Skywalker “Rushing Pianos”, DJ Bustin “Raging Skank”, Wan Bushi “Bushi’s Dreamland”, plus interactive content.
  • Volume 3 – Bustin & Skampy “Need To Make A Sound”, DJ Deluxe “The Pulse”, Wizbit “Bubblegum”, Rough Tactics “Jungle Teknology”, Wan Bushi “Medieval Resurrection”, plus interactive content.
  • Volume 4 – FFF “Can I Share My House”, Electrux “Reactor”, Elecrux “Reactor (170BPM Mix)”, FIrefly “Whirlpool”, Dave Skywalker “Large Hardcore Music”, plus interactive content.
  • Volume 5 – Lee Van Corsa “LSD”, Coriolis “Gateways”, TripleXL “Dreamscape”, Firefly “NDE”, Dave Skywalker “The Threat”, plus interactive content.
  • Volume 7 – Candy Cutz “Feeling Yeah”, TripleXL “Dreamscape II”, Sparky “Love Like This (Hattrixx & Ad-vanc3d Remix)”, Dave Skywalker “You Are The One”, Candy Cutz “Feeling Yeah (Weyheyhey!! Remix)”, plus interactive content.
Please note Killerwhale X (Endor Recordings 6) is not included, as it was originally presented seperately in it’s own four-panel digipack. This box set includes Volumes 1-5, and Volume 7.
These are all presented on vinyl-style CDs in a six-pack full colour printed box, with the Endor Recordings main artwork on the front and a full index of all tracks on the back so you can quickly hunt down the track you’re after.

If you wish, there is the option below where can also purchase the box itself excluding the CDs if you have already purchased them before.

Both options include a free bonus Endor Recordings CD included. What’s on the CD? It’s a suprise!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, the Early Plates Box Set is now *SOLD OUT* on this website. The Endor Recordings Bandcamp Store has a few copies once stock comes in, but please be quick if you see it!