Lee Van Corsa

Lee van Corsa, also known as Lee Hughes discovered rave in 1991:

“There wasn’t much to do in Livingston then, still isn’t, but in 1991 this event called Awesome 101 started happening at the Livingston Forum every month. A few mates got tickets for one and we headed along, it was just mental, you could feel the bass standing in the queue outside and when we got inside the whole place was going nuts. It was some buzz, we just kept saving up for tickets every month after that, 20 quid was a lot back then…”

Nearly 20 years passed before Lee tried making his own tunes, after trying a few different styles and not being happy with the results an attempt at making an old-skool rave track prompted a change of direction.

“It was a laugh, really. We were always digging out old tapes and sets from the old days and getting all nostalgic. I had tried making tracks before but never nailed the kind of sound I wanted. My mate said I should try and make an old-skool track, and one day I decided it would be a laugh to make something new that sounded like the old days. I even got some old 90s software to use for it, and found it alot more fun making a tune that way. Within a couple of days I had a track I was happy with. I’ve made a few now..”

And the future?

“A live PA would be fun, proper old style, MC, dancers, dust masks haha.. all that. That’s what I’m picturing when I’m making the tracks: a couple of thousand ravers going nuts to a live PA in 1991. I write tracks to fit that picture, if it fits – it’s good.. that’s my quality control.”