AleX Tune

Alex Tune, or Alexander to his friends, hails from Odessa in the Ukraine. Since his childhood, he was interested by electronic dance music that played on the radio and TV.

At the age 12, he bought his first tape featuring eurodance and happy hardcore hits, and then tried to look for more hard, more underground music. A huge influence was the album The Prodigy – Experience.

A few years later he started his first experiments with sound on a ZX Spectrum home computer and self-modified reel tape recorder. In 1999, at the age of 15, started to learn how to make music on PC, and his first programs became Rebirth RB-338 and Sonic Foundry Acid.

In 2004, he played for the first time at the party as a hardcore DJ.

Today Alex is one of the most famous Ukrainian hardcore DJ/producers, and has own unique style that combines all sides of hardcore and rave music. He has a lot of releases and compilations on such labels as GGM Raw Records, Dance Corps, Sociopath Recordings, Rus Zud, Acidsamovar and Viral Conspiracy.