Sparky‘s “Love Like This” was released on RFU recordings, one of the foremost hardcore record labels at the time. Sparky was running Indiscriminate Records alongside Adam L, a successful breakbeat hardcore label releasing many tracks and keeping the early 2000′s breakbeat hardcore scene moving along. Sparky is also credited with being one of the founding fathers of the largest hardcore music websites in history, USH.NET, alongside Paul Lawton and also was behind one of the largest online happy hardcore production groups in the late 90′s, known as S-Scape.

Nowadays, Sparky continues to enjoy critical acclaim and success under the name Sanxion, producing future jungle and hardcore breaks. Managing S-Scape studios, and with over 13 years experience in dance music production and clients signed to some of the most high profile labels in the scene, Sparky is an engineer with a proven track record when it comes to getting the most out of someones tracks and ideas.

Artists remixed by Sparky (under various aliases) include Basshunter, Kid Cudi, DJ Sammy, Fedde Le Grand, Liquid, The Ragga Twins, and many more.